He's the leader of the Dark Force and uses sumo wrestling moves. Yokozuna's special move is "Thousand Harite". He watches sumo wrestling on TV every day and practices in his room by himself

Animal Number:

Rarity: Gold

Strength: 6500

Health: 7000

Nickname: Dark Polar Bear

Scientific Name: Thalarctos Maritimus

Data: Length: Weight:


Miracle Link: Heavy

Ability: Dark Burst

Affiliation: Dark Force

Description: The Dark Force leader has a heart as cold as ice and strikes foes mercilessly with his paw


Guts: Mega Buchikamashi

Tech: Darkness Kick

Power: Thousand Harite (Specialty Move)


  • Yokozuna is the leader of the Dark Force
  • Yokozuna has a scar in the shape of a bent crescent on his chest
  • Along with the other members of the Dark Force, Yokozuna may go through the "Dark Change" (Ankuko Ohgi)
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