White Knights

From left to right: Daiba, Jinrai, Schneider, Vrede, Baron, Ronaldo, Shiro.

  1. The White Knights are a group of animals who have awakened the "Holy Power" inside themselves under strict training. A common trait in their appearence is their shiny white bodies and bright green eye color. They were the first ones to rise against the violent rampage of Scorch and his soldiers. Despite being overwhelmed at first, they were eventually able to defeat the evil organization with the help of Galleon. After Scorch's defeat, the White Knights continue to watch over the animal kingdom, keeping the peace between all animals.

The White Knights consist of the following members:

  • Starting in Ver. 8(Evo. 2) players will occasionaly encounter and battle different members of the White Knigts(with the exception of Vrede, Schnieder, and Baron). This could imply that the White Knights are roaming the world chasing after the members of Dark Force.
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