We are the "Villain Beasts", the baddest of the bad. We won't let you become more famous than us, Armageddon Emperor. Sorry, but your days are over!

Animal Number: A192


Rarity: Normal

Strength: 5000

Health: 4000

Nickname: Escaped Doctress (A.K.A Underground Doctor)
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Scientific Name: Naja Naja

Data: Length: 90cm Weight: 50kg

Food: Satay

Crime: Unlicensed medicine, etc. (148-year sentence)

Miracle Link: Speed

Ability: Summon Wraith, Poison

Affiliation: Villain Beast

Description: She's an expert on venoms and works day in day out to find the ultimate poison


Guts: Psychokinesis W

Tech: Emerald Breaker

Power: Ashiki Janomenomai (Specialty Move)


  • The ability "Summon Wraith" allows Straight to resurrect
  • Spade, along with the other members of the Villain Beast gang, escaped the Animal Prison with the help of Brutus
  • Out of the five Villain Beasts, Spade's sentence is the second shortest
  • The ability "Poison" lowers your opponent's strength. Each time the opponent attacks with this ability inflicted upon them, their attack will lower. After an attack it will go back to normal
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