Siegfried (Japanese: Zeke/ジーク) is a Siberian Tiger that is blue and has a lightning sign at his forehead. He is Galleon's student, later works as Leo's teacher, who was his teacher's son. In AK series, he has an evolved form: Ninja Trained Siegfried. In the GAK series, he has a son named Bolt.

He first available in Version 3 as Boss Animal in Japanese and Version 4 in English and Taiwanese.


Ninja Village

After finished his training in Ninja Village, Siegfried has an altered form, Ninja Trained Siegfried.


He didn't appeared in GAK series, but somehow mentioned in the GAK story, as he is the father of Bolt, one of the future hero who is the friend and partner of Leo's grandson, Rajan.


Galleon is Siegfried's teacher, through this relationship, Scorch is his senior and Leo is his junior.
Leo is the oldest son of Siegfried's teacher, Galleon. He then became the trainer of Leo.
Zangetsu is the teacher of Siegfried when he had his training travel in Ninja Village. He has made Siegfried adapt his evolved form.
Bolt is Siegfried's son who is a young hero, along with Rajan, the great-grandson of his teacher, Galleon.


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