Schneider of White Knights
The brains of the White Knights. He used to train in the deep forests of Germany. The combat techniques he learned in his various battles are a sight to behold. He and Schwarz of the Dark Force are old friends, and they have been rivals since they were young

Animal Number: A071

Rarity: Silver

Strength: 6000

Health: 6000

Nickname: Holy Gray Wolf

Scientific Name: Canis Lupus Lupus

Data: Length: Weight:


Miracle Link: Multi

Ability: Holy Burst

Affiliation: White Knights

Description: Hardened by countless battles, this sharp-fanged wolf is the White Knights main strategist


Guts: Shotgun Rize

Tech: Heaven's Fire (Specialty Move)

Power: Jolt Screw


  • The ability "Holy Burst" raises the levels of Guts, Tech and Power to 5. Holy Burst will activate when the animal is low on health
  • His "Heaven's Fire" is the same attack as Admiral Eraser's Cosmo Driver