MA-09 DX

Leader of the Mechas

The DX Series includes leader machines who govern the Mecha Army, and...An ultimately-tuned customized machine!

Animal Number: A159


Rarity: Ultra Rare

Strength: 7000


Health: 7500

Nickname: Leader of the Mechas

Scientific Name: Machine-Animal 09 HGX

Data: Length: 3m Weight: 6t

Food: HZ Ionic Batteries

Miracle Link: Multi

Ability: Iron Heart, Weak Point Attack

Affiliation: Mecha Beast

Description: The leader of the mecha lions. He always has the latest intel to form his brilliant strategies


Guts: Hakai Shirei "Leo" (Specialty Move)

Tech: Denji Baster

Power: Grand Drilling


  • Mecha Lion-Elite is the boss of Evo.4
  • The ability "Iron Heart" allows the animal to become immune to the abilities "Poison", "Curse" and "Vampire". The user, however, will still take normal damage
  • The ability "Weak Point Attack" activates when Mecha Lion-Elite is low on health. The next attack will deal a massive amount of damage with this ability
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