"The existence of his father and the meaning of combat"

After finding out that his father Galleon had returned to the Savannah, Leo went on a journey to train even further

"I want to be stronger! But how?"

"Where does Galleon's strength come from?"

"How can I become that strong too?"

These were the questions on Leo's mind

Galleon: Leo, what is it you fight for?

Leo: Because...I want to win

Galleon: Winning feels good, but there are also things you can gain by losing

Sure enough, Galleon used to enjoy fighting itself, regardless of whether he won or lost. And he always respected his opponent and fought with all his strength. Leo remembered the many battles he had fought. The easy victories, the close calls, and his crushing defeat at the hands of Scorch...Thinking back he realized that all these battles were fun. He had been able to fight thanks to his important friends

Master Leo: I want to fight more...with lots of different opponents!

Leo had found out the importance of friends and the true meaning of battle. At that moment, he awakened as Master Leo

Master Leo decided to return to the Savannah to fight with everyone. His true journey of training begins now!

Animal Number: A121

Rarity: Ultra Rare

Strength: 8000

Health: 7000

Nickname: Awakened King of Animals

Scientific Name: Panthera Leo

Data: Length: 2.5m Weight: 250kg

Food: Zebras, Impalas, etc.

Miracle Link: Multi

Ability: None

Affiliation: Hero

Description: Awakened as a Master animal, he now faces a fearsome enemy alongside his son Celeo


Guts: Brave Fang (Specialty Move)

Tech: Griffining Attack

Power: Eikouno Efreet (Master Attack)


  • After becoming a Master Animal, Leo keeps "Brave Fang" as his specialty move
  • After becoming a Master Animal, Leo's pelt becomes a more vibrant golden colour. He has slightly faded patches of red on his shoulders and flame-like markings around his paws. Leo's mane is styled like Galleon's, but instead it is coloured red and yellow, to resemble fire
  • Leo is the son of the Legendary Lion of Light "Galleon", the elder brother of Apollo the Liger Cub and the father of the Young Lion of Light, Celeo
  • Master Leo is one of the many collectible figures sold in Japan