Here come the Beetle Warriors, with their tough shells and sharp mandibles!

The Animal World is in chaos because of this unexpected new force

And then...

"The Previous Animal Kaiser" returns!

-Kaiser Coral-

The strongest warrior who used to rule as "The Previous Animal Kaiser". He is also the "Hazing Demon" that trained Galleon and Scorch

Kaiser Coral: Hohoho...It looks like everyone's having so much fun with these bugs, I just had to come back to join in!

Galleon: M-Master!

Death Scorch: Ugh!

Death Scorch: Didn't you croak...uh...die?

Kaiser Coral: Kyahaha! No time for details!

Kaiser Coral: I came to put some "spine" in you! You should thank me!!

Galleon: Uh, I'm, uh, okay...

Death Scorch: Not interested...

Kaiser Coral: Galleon! You're still fooling around as always! You say you went on a journey to train, but you're just making children all over the place!

Galleon: S-Sorry, Master...

  • Note: Lions are polygamous, meaning they have more than one mate

Kaiser Coral: Scorch! You're trying too hard, as usual! Lighten up and have more fun fighting!

Death Scorch: Mind your own business, gramps

Kaiser Coral: Listen to me! Fighting is not about defeating your enemy! It is about overcoming "yourself"!

Death Scorch: You've told us that a billion times already...Are you senile?

Galleon: Sigh...

Kaiser Coral succumbed to a disease while he was training these two warriors. Even in death, he was still worried about his apprentices

Kaiser Coral: Well now...Now that I'm back, I think its time for me to kick some tail here!

Galleon: What!?

Death Scorch: Move out!!

Kaiser Coral: I'll put you through the mill, so its time to wake up, you two! Hee hee hee!

Galleon and Death Scorch: ...

Thanks to the return of the Previous Animal Kaiser, who was presumed dead, the Animal World is now in an even bigger chaos

Animal Number: A135


Rarity: Ultra Rare

Strength: 6000


Health: 8000

Nickname: Legendary Fangs of Beauty

Scientific Name: Micrurus Nigrocinctus

Data: Length: ? ? ? Weight: ? ? ?

Food: Doesn't Eat

Miracle Link: Speed

Ability: Kaiser Flash, Poison, Curse

Affiliation: Hero

Description: Galleon and Scorch's mentor, and one of the old Animal Kaisers. He supposedly died some years ago


Guts: Sengo Geri

Tech: Sango Kamitsuki

Power: Zettaisaikyo Mutekibeam (Specialty Move)


  • Kaiser Coral is the Evo. 2 strong mode boss. In Evo. 3 he became an Ultra Rare card which could be won. Along with every other boss card, he made a comeback in Evo. 8
  • The ability "Kaiser Flash" allows Kaiser Coral to raise both Strength and Defense. Kaiser Coral shares this ability with Galleon and Celeo
  • The ability "Poison" lowers your opponent's strength for the duration of one turn
  • The ability "Curse" lowers your opponent's defense for the duration of one turn
  • Although he does not count as one, Kaiser Coral should classify as an "Animal Kaiser of the Past"
  • The skill "Zettaisaikyo Mutekibeam" translates to something along the lines of "Absolute Best Invincible Beam" in English
  • Kaiser Coral is one of the many collectible figures sold in Japan
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