We are the "Villain Beasts", the baddest of the bad. We won't let you become more famous than us, Armageddon Emperor. Sorry, but your days are over!

Animal Number: A161


Rarity: Gold

Strength: 6000

Health: 7000

Nickname: Escaped Komodo Dragon (A.K.A Don of the Villain Beasts)

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Scientific Name: Varanus Komodoensis

Data: Length: 3m Weight: 160kg

Food: Wine, Cigars

Crime: Bank Robbery, etc. (893-year sentence)

Miracle Link: Speed

Ability: Summon the Grim Reaper, Poison

Affiliation: Villain Beast

Description: The don of the Animal Mafia. He was put in prison for learning the forbidden arts


Guts: Godfather Binta

Tech: Gao Ngono Gyakuryuu (Specialty Move)

Power: Gorgeous Dreader


  • The ability "Summon the Grim Reaper" allows Joker to resurrect
  • Joker, along with the other members of the Villain Beast gang, escaped the Animal Prison with the help of Brutus
  • Out of the five Villain Beasts, Joker's sentence is the longest
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