The oldest Hippo Brother. Born in Uganda, despite being a hippo. He has a great sense of responsibility and always looks after his brothers. He is fighting together with his brothers to show the world that hippos are the strongest animal. He dreams of creating a hippo paradise "Hippo Topia" by using his fight money and doing part-time jobs

Animal Number: A040

Rarity: Silver

Strength: 5500

Health: 7000

Nickname: Prince of the Jungle

Scientific Name: Hippopotamus Amphibius

Data: Length: 9ft Weight: 11,260lb

Food: Grass, etc.

Miracle Link: Multi

Ability: None

Location: Uganda (U.G.A)

Description: The eldest Hippo Brother, he fights for hippo honor and to one day create a hippo haven


Guts: Hippopo Fang (Specialty Move)

Tech: Kaba Stream Attack

Power: Kaba on Stage


  • Hippo Larry is a great singer, and those who hear his sweet voice will instantly lose their will to fight (Or so he says)
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