The second hippo brother. Born in Uganda, despite being a hippo. A cool and suave nice guy. A bit of a cool bad guy and nihilistic dark hero (or so he says). He is fighting together with his brothers to show the world that hippos are the strongest animals. He dreams of creating a hippo paradise "Hippo Topia" by using his fight money and doing part-time jobs

Animal Number: A041

Rarity: Normal

Strength: 4500

Health: 4000

Nickname: Superhero of the Wetlands

Scientific Name: Hippopotamus Amphibius

Data: Length: 9ft Weight: 11,480lb

Food: Grass, etc.

Miracle Link: Speed

Ability: None

Location: Uganda (U.G.A)

Description: The fearless middle Hippo Brother, Barry's cool scars come from a childhood fall


Guts: Rolling Malta

Tech: Kabaty Fang (Specialty Move)

Power: Boo Boo Boost


  • Hippo Barry manages to flatten himself with his own skill; Rolling Malta. He is quite a scatterbrain
  • Hippo Barry later becomes known as "Vampire Hippo Barry"