Animal Number: A108


Rarity: Ultra Rare

Strength: 7500


Health: 7500

Nickname: The Lion of Light

Scientific Name: Panthera Leo Leo

Data: Length: 2.9m Weight: 300kg

Food: ? ? ?

Miracle Link: Multi

Ability: Kaiser Flash

Affiliation: Hero

Description: One of the last Barbary lions, it doesn't cling to fighting but lives its life in freedom


Guts: Finally Dead End (Specialty Move)

Tech: Sunshine Smasher

Power: Solflame


  • The ability "Kaiser Flash" allows Galleon to raise both Strength and Defense. Galleon shares this ability with Kaiser Coral and Celeo
  • Galleon is the father of Leo the Lion Cub and Apollo the Liger Cub. He is also the grandfather of the Young Lion of Light, Celeo
  • Galleon was the Evo. 1 normal mode boss. In Evo. 2 he became an Ultra Rare card which could be won. Along with every other boss card, he made a comeback in Evo. 8
  • He and Scorch were once the protégés of the legendary "Kaiser Coral"; the previous Animal Kaiser
  • Galleon made an appearance in the first volume of the Animal Kaiser comic
  • Galleon is one of the many collectible animal figures sold in Japan
  • Galleon is 60 centimeters shorter and 80kg lighter than Death Scorch
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