Emperor vertus
Animal Number: A-166E

Rarity: Ultra Rare

Strength: 6500

Health: 8500

Nickname: The White Legend

Scientific Name: Balaenoptera Musculus

DataLength: 34m  Weight:150t

Food: Krills?

Miracle Link: Heavy

Ability: Ultimate Nova

Affiliation: King of Destruction

Description: A mysterious animal that came to Earth millions of years ago. No one knows its true form


Guts: Kedarukishoku Sanka

Tech: Harukanaruhosi Sanpo (Specialty Move)

Power: Tasogare Choujuuryoku

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-Emperor Vertus has an evolved form called "Armageddon Vertus". In this form, Vertus dons a more menacing appearance with the addition of orange skeletal markings covering his now entirely black body, as well as tusks and horn-like appendages atop his head.

-Emperor Vertus is later featured in one of the "versus" cards; his opponent being Master Leo