Elder Pedronomus is the 18th Animal Kaiser and has returned from heaven to fight Armageddon Vertus,together with 6 other Animal Kaisers of the past.

Animal Number: A179

Rarity: Kaiser Rare

Strength: 8000

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Elder Pedronomus

Health: 6500

Nickname: The 18th Animal Kaiser

Scientific Name: Acinonyx Jubatus

Data: Length: ? Weight: ?

Food: Doesn't Eat

Miracle Link: Multi

Abilities: Mikiri,Holy Burst

Affiliation: Animal Kaisers of the Past

Description: This cheetah is a hard worker and he managed to make his way form the bottom to the very top.


Guts: Zettaikanzen Finishend (Specialty Move)

Tech: King Ignition

Power: Glorious Hoop


  • Elder Pedronomus shares the skill "Zettaikanzen Finishend" with the 6 other Kaisers of the Past. Zettaikanzen translates to "Absolute Perfection" in English
  • The ability "Mikiri" allows Elder Pedronomus to have a higher chance of evading an attack. Each time he is hit, one Mikiri stack is gained (Max. 3)
  • The ability "Holy Burst" raises the level of each of Elder Pedronomus' attacks to 5
  • Elder Pedronomus may go through the "Holy Change" (Shinsei Ohgi)
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