There was once a wounded beast, wandering through a deep darkness

His name was "The Dark Flame Scorch"

Scorch used to be feared as the most evil boss animal ever...

But he was defeated by the young heroes, the White Knights and the returned Galleon

He was on the brink of falling into a deep sleep...

As his consciousness faded away, Scorch asked himself:

"What have I been fighting for? For fame? For justice?"


"No, for victory"

Scorch: Power is everything in this world. There is no point to fighting if you don't win! Weak animals are nothing but trash!!


"I need power!"

Burning with vengeance, Scorch cast the "Forbidden Arts" he once used to revive Atlas on himself

That is how he became "Death Scorch" and revived with an even more fearsome power

Now that he has become "Death Scorch", there is no one who can stop him

And with Leo gone, what is going to happen to the world of animals!?

Animal Number: A110


Rarity: Ultra Rare

Strength: 7000


Health: 8000

Nickname: Flame of the Inferno

Scientific Name: Panthera Leo

Data: Length: 3.5m Weight: 380kg

Food: ? ? ?

Miracle Link: Heavy

Ability: Curse of the Nether

Affiliation: Dark Hero

Description: Returned from the Netherworld for revenge, he finds the true meaning of battle in a fight with his son


Guts: Gigantic Geist

Tech: Hell Spin Dive

Power: Hell Jigoku Berserker (Specialty Move)


  • The ability "Curse of the Nether" is an ability only available to Death Scorch. This ability allows Death Scorch to deal 9999 damage when attacking
  • When using the skill "Hell Jigoku Berserker", Death Scorch summons up various battle armor and weapons; A helm, two blades protruding from his back, shoulder/back plates, spiked gauntlet-like armor on all four legs and a pair of large steel claws over his own. The blades on his back can detach and lock into each other, forming a shuriken-like weapon which is sent flying towards the opponent
  • He is the father of Regulus. Regulus is the only known relative of Death Scorch
  • Death Scorch was the Evo. 1 strong mode boss. In Evo. 2 he became an Ultra Rare card which could be won. Along with every other boss card, he made a comeback in Evo. 8
  • Death Scorch may undergo the "Dark Change" (Ankuko Ohgi)
  • He and Galleon were once the protégés of the legendary "Kaiser Coral"; the previous Animal Kaiser
  • Although he is featured on the cover of the first volume of the Animal Kaiser comic, he does not actually make an appearance in it
  • Death Scorch is one of the many collectible animal figures sold in Japan
  • He is featured on one of the Singapore Animal Kaiser Champion Nov 2013 badges
  • Death Scorch is 60 centimeters longer and 80kg heavier than Galleon
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