Brutus was once a mighty warrior of the Shark Clan. This loyal shark trained his younger brother, Blue, to become a warrior just like himself. One day, the Shark Clan fell under the attack of another, rapidly thinning out group, which would quickly face extinction. Soon after a Wraith appeared before Brutus, offering to make a contract so that he may learn the forbidden arts. Brutus agreed to form this contract in order to protect his clan and family. He used these forbidden arts to drive away the intruding clan, thus saving his clan and becoming a hero. With this he also became a criminal for betraying the laws of the clan. Brutus regretted this decision and left the Shark Clan on his own free will. Brutus now remains in the Animal Prison located in the farthest ends of the world. Perhaps one day he will redeem himself and return to the clan he once protected

Animal Number: A160

Rarity: Ultra Rare

Strength: 6500

Health: 8000

Nickname: The Fallen Hero

Scientific Name: Carcharodon Carcharias

Data: Length: 8m Weight: 2ft

Food: Aquatic Mammals , etc.

Crime: Mastering the forbidden arts (Life Imprisonment)

Miracle Link: Heavy

Abilities: Summon the Grim Reaper, Vampire

Affiliation: Lost Heroes

Description: Master Blue's older brother. He was banished from his family for learning the forbidden arts


Guts: N Gatturno Ooago

Tech: Tail Beat



Power: Voge Ono Shinigami (Specialty Move)


  • Blue and Brutus share the move "Tail Beat"
  • Brutus' ability "Summon the Grim Reaper" allows Brutus to resurrect 
  • After forming the contract with the Wraith, Brutus has gained scar-like markings over his body, as well as a single large scar stretching from his mouth to the tip of his tail. This scar splits Brutus in half when using "Voge Ono Shinigami" to summon a Wraith. The edges of his fins and tail had also become torn in this new look
  • Brutus used his new powers to save the Shark Clan, but when he had realised what he had done he shunned himself from his kind
  • Brutus can go through the "Forbidden Change", giving him a swirled red and purple colour change
  • Brutus decided to assist the Villain Beasts in their attempts to break out of the Animal Prison so that he may see his younger brother again
  • Blue's description implies that Brutus' original name may have been "Cobalt" ("He is searching for his older brother Cobalt while wandering the seven seas")