Atlas had been summoned from the ancient times by the "Forbidden Arts" that Scorch used...

But Scorch lost to Galleon, and Atlas was left behind in this era alone

"The mammoths used to rule as the strongest tribe on Earth. But now they are all extinct...All my friends that fought beside me, all of my rivals...They're completely gone now"

Atlas was alone

"Why? The strong rule, isn't that the law of the animal world? Wait and see, animals of this era..."

"I declare here that the "Forgotten Beasts have returned!!"

"We will defeat the weak creatures of this era, and we shall rule the Earth!"

After this declaration of revival, Atlas summoned his old war buddies and their subordinates

The Resurrected Wings, Ouranos the Archaeopteryx

The Resurrected Tyrant, Poseidon the Dunkleosteus

And the king of the continents that fought for supremacy in those days...

The Resurrected Fangs, Ares the Saber-Toothed Tiger

"Wait and see, animals of this age!"

"We will wipe you off the face of the Earth!"

Atlas and his gang declared war on the animals of this era, calling themselves the "Forgotten Warriors"

Now that Siegfried and Leo are gone, what will happen to the animal world!?

Animal Number: A096


Rarity: Ultra Rare

Strength: 7000

Health: 9000 Nickname: Ancient Destroyer

Scientific Name: Mammuthus Primigenius

Data: Length: 6m Weight: 9t Food: Grass, etc.

Miracle Link: Heavy

Ability: Extinct Declaration

Affiliation: Forgotten Warrior

Description: Summoned from the Forbidden Gate, this mammoth should have been extinct for eons...


Guts: Pangea Fall

Tech: 100Mega Stomp

Power: Ice Blizzard (Specialty Move)


  • The ability "Extinct Declaration" gives Atlas the chance of either landing on a doubling or 10
  • Atlas was the Ver.6 strong mode boss. In Evo. 1 he became an Ultra Rare card which could be won. Along with every other boss card, he made a comeback in Evo. 8
  • Atlas is the leader of the Forgotten Warriors
  • Atlas has a spear shaped marking on his forehead
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