Animal Number: A-176

Rarity: Ultra

Strength: 7000

Health: 9000

Nickname: Destroyer from Space

Scientific Name: ? ? ?

DataLength: 34m ~∞  Weight:150t ~∞

Food: Stars

Miracle Link: Heavy

Ability: Arnageddon

Affiliation: King of Destruction

Description: The true form of the Legendary Destroyer. He will not rest until the entire universe is gone.


Guts: End of Labyrinth

Tech:  Galaxya Runaway (Specialty Move)

Power: Gigantic Gravity


  • The ability "Armageddon" allows Armageddon Vertus to restore a small percentage of his health. This ability also allows him to "perish" his opponent by firing lasers from his eyes after each attack, resulting in an explosion
  • Vertus is the only known animal to have a "True Form"
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