Animal Kaiser (百獣大戦アニマルカイザー) is the first version of Animal Kaiser series, succeeded by Great Animal Kaiser.

In Overseas, Taiwanese, and UK versions, this series separated as Animal Kaiser (sixth waves) and Animal Kaiser Evolution (nine card waves).


Single Player

Players scan their animal cards into the scanner upside down and customize their avatar by mixing and matching animal, strong, and miracle cards. If they insert anything that it didn't say, for example, it will say "This is not an animal card" meaning if they use a miracle card first. According to the official Animal Kaiser UK page, Japanese Cards do in fact work on the English machines.

In normal mode, they fight various normal animals, such as coral snakes, rhinoceroses, and more. Version 1 and 2 do not have bosses in normal mode. The Japanese version of Version 1 does not have bosses in normal mode. Instead, they fight other animals. If a boss is in a version, they can fight the boss or another strong animal. To defeat bosses, players must try to use their best cards combination.

At the end of the game, a random card will be dispensed from the machine.



Overseas & English-speaking versions

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In English-speaking version, the cards of Evo editions starting have backflip which contain AK story, unlike the Japanese version


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