Animal Card is the first type of AK cards, is the main fighting force in gameplay. It comes in various forms of animals, ranging from mammals to insects, and so on. In GAK, it was called Fighter Card (see below).

AK Animal Card

English Animal Card design template

The Animal Card comes with red color, with a Japanese Kanji which means Fighter at the top left. The attacks and miracle stats located at the right bottom, and the location and description located at the left bottom. Lastly. The card number is located at the top right.

Until the final release, including English-only and promotion cards, there are 196 numbers and 197 Animal Cards.

List of Animal Card in AK

Code Number Name Rarity Japanese First Debut English First Debut Taiwanese First Debut
A001 Lion Gold Ver.1 Ver.1 Ver.1
A002 Great White Shark
A003 Bald Eagle
A004 Polar Bear Sliver
A005 Hammerhead Shark Ver.2 Ver.2
A006 Indian Cobra Ver.1 Ver.1
A007 Leo, the Lion Cub Bronze
A007E Special Ops Leo Gold Promotion only Ver.3 Ver.3
A008 Blue, the Young Shark Bronze Ver.1 Ver.1 Ver.1
A009 Icarus, the Young Eagle
A010 Gray Wolf None
A011 Giant Panda
A012 Nile Crocodile
A013 Cheetah
A014 Leopard
A015 Black Panther
A016 Snow Leopard
A017 African Wild Dog
A018 Side-striped Jackal
A019 Asiatic Black Bear
A020 Brown Bear
A021 Indian Gavial
A022 Sawshark
A023 Goblin Shark
A024 Smalltooth Sawfish
A025 Peregrine Falcon
A026 Great Horned Owl
A027 Andean Condor
A028 Rattlesnake
A029 Coral Snake
A030 Bengal Tiger Gold Ver.2
A031 African Elephant Sliver
A032 Indian Rhinoceros Ver.2 Ver. 2
A033 Electric Ray None Ver.1 Ver.1
A034 Manta Ray
A035 Golden Eagle
A036 Anaconda
A037 Red Scorpion Gold Ver.3 Ver.2 Ver.2
A038 Dark Scorpion None
A039 Florida Bark Scorpion
A040 Hippo Larry Silver
A041 Hippo Barry None
A042 Hippo Harry
A043 Kid, the Tiger Bronze
A044 Joe, the Tiger
A045 Killer Whale Ver.4
A046 Narwhal None
A047 Rattlesnake, the 2nd None Ver.2
A048 Coral Snake, the 2nd
A049 Polar Bear, the 2nd Ver.12 Evo.5
A050 Indian Cobra, the 2nd N/A
A051 Gray Wolf, the 2nd Evo.5
A053 Lowland Gorilla Gold Ver.4 Ver.3 Ver.3
A054 Jumbo, the Lowland Gorilla Bronze
A055 Orangutan None
A056 Starburst Tarantula Sliver
A057 Cobalt Blue Tarantula None
A058 Indian Elephant
A059 White Rhinoceros
A060 Praying Mantis
A061 Siegfried Ultra Ver.4 DX Ver.4 Ver.4
A062 King Cobra Gold
A063 American Alligator Sliver
A064 Spiny Flower Mantis Bronze
A065 Dead Leaf Mantis None
A066 Black Panther, the 2nd
A067 Andean Condor, the 2nd
A068 Goblin Shark, the 2nd
A069 Asiatic Black Bear, the 2nd
A070 Vrede Gold Ver.5 Ver.5 Ver.5
A071 Schneider Sliver
A072 Baron Bronze
A073 Jinrai None
A074 Ronaldo
A075 Daiba
A076 Shiro
A077 Vampire Bat Sliver
A078 Grey-headed Flying Fox Bronze
A079 Japanese Long-eared Bat None
A080 Scorch Ultra Ver.6
A081 Yokozuna Gold Ver.6 Ver.6
A082 Schwarz Sliver
A083 Oorlog Bronze
A084 Gaiioth None
A085 Sasuke
A086 Titan
A087 Notus
A088 Courageous Cheetah
A089 Courageous Coral Snake
A090 Courageous Electric Ray
A091 Courageous Praying Mantis
A092 Bright Promotion only
A093 Spiny Turtle Ver.7 Evo.1
A094 Bateleur
A095 Great Hornbill
A096 Atlas Ultra (English) Ver.6 Ver.6
Gold (Japanese)
A097E Ares, the Saber-toothed Tiger Gold Evo.1
A098E Ouranos, the Archaeopteryx Sliver
A099E Poseidon, the Dunkleosteus
A100 Apollo, the Liger Cub Bronze
Special Ops Apollo None Promotion only
A101 Mammoth Bronze Ver.8 Evo.1
A102E Saber-toothed Tiger
A103E Archaeopteryx
A104E Dunkleosteus
A105E Courageous Sawshark None
A106E Courageous Peregrine Falcon
A107E Courageous Side-striped Jackal
A108E Galleon Ultra
A110E Death Scorch Ver.8 Evo.2

Master Blue

A112E Master Icarus
A113E Alligator Snapping Turtle Silver
A114E Mata mata Bronze
A115E African buffalo None Evo.5
A116E Velez Ray Evo.2
A117E Indo-Pacific Sailfish
A118E Courageous Asiatic Black Bear
A119E Courageous Goblin Shark
A120E Courageous Brown Long-eared Bat
A121 Master Leo Ultra Ver.8 DX
A122 European Bison Gold Evo.5
A123 Red Knee Tarantula Evo.3
A124 Blue Coral Snake None
A125 Ninja Trained Siegfried Ultra Ver.9

Hercules Beetle

A127E Caucasus Beetle Silver Evo.2
A128 Giraffe Stag Beetle Evo.3
A129E Golden Stag Beetle Bronze Evo.2
A130E Japanese Rhino Beetle None
A131E Stag Beetle
A132E Longtooth Stag Beetle Evo.3
A133E Courageous Hippo Barry Evo.5
A134E Courageous Hippo Harry
A135E Kaiser Coral Ultra Ver.10 Evo.3
A136E Blue Hercules Gold Evo.6
A137E Konsuke Silver Evo.3
A138E Tanumaru Bronze
A139E Holstein Evo.5
A140E Footballfish None Evo.4
A141E Dugong
A142E Axolotl Evo.3
A143E Courageous Indian Elephant
A144E Courageous White Rhinoceros
A145E Zangetsu Ultra Ver.11 Evo.4
A146E Mecha Gorilla-DX Gold
A147E Mecha Shark-DX
A148E Mecha Eagle-DX
A149E Mecha Gorilla Bronze
A150 Mecha Shark
A151E Mecha Eagle
A152E Mecha Lion Silver
A153E Celeo, Leo Jr. Bronze
A154E Courageous Orangutan None
A155E Courageous Spiny Turtle
A156 Courageous African Buffalo Evo.6
A157 Regulus, Scorch Jr. Bronze Ver.12 Evo.4
A158 Courageous Apollo None Promotion only N/A
A159 Mecha Lion-Elite Ultra Ver.12 Evo.5
A160 Brutus
A161E Joker Gold
A162E Ace Bronze
A163 Straight None
A164E Sperm Whale Silver
A165 Reticulated Giraffe None
A166 Emperor Vertus Ultra Ver.13 Evo.6
A167 Master Apollo
A168 Red Sea Urchin Gold Ver,13 (as hidden card) Evo.6 (as hidden card)
A169E Raging Celeo, Leo Jr, Silver Ver.13 Evo.6
A170E Raging Regulus, Scorch Jr.
A171E Col. Butcher Bronze
A172E Lt. Blaster None
A173E Sgt. Striker
A174E Purple Sea Urchin Ver.13 (as hidden card) Evo.6 (as hidden card)
A175E Fake Siegfried Promotion only Promotion card, later on Evo.8
A176E Armageddon Vertus Ultra Ver.14 Evo.7
A177E Mammoth Priest Kaiser
A178E Spike Roshi
A179E Elder Pedronomus
A180E Don Bison
A181E Kaiser Two Horn
A182E Master Daedalus
A183 Hippo Daddy
A184 Komodo Dragon Bronze Evo.3
A185 Spotted Hyena None Evo.4
A186 Courageous Mecha Shark Evo.7

Marionette Gorilla

A188E Master Hippo Harry N/A Evo.2
A189E Master Jumbo Bronze
A190E Hanzou None Evo.3
A191E Goemon Gold
A192E Spade None Evo.5
A193E Shuffle Silver
A194E Pvt. Stinger None Evo.6
A195E Gen. Crusher Gold
A196E Admiral Eraser Ultra Evo.7

GAK Fighter Card

List of Fighter Card in GAK

Code Number Name Rarity Japanese First Debut English First Debut
A-001 Kaiser Celeo Ultra Ver.1 Ver.1
A-002 Bengal Tiger Silver
A-003 Gray Wolf Bronze
A-004 Leopard None
A-005 Snow Leopard None
A-006 African Wild Dog None
A-007 Side-striped Jackal None
A-008 Rajan None
A-009 Bolt None
A-010 Kaiser Blue Gold
A-011 Hammerhead Shark Silver
A-012 Smalltooth Sawfish Bronze
A-013 Goblin Shark None
A-014 Sawshark None
A-015 Manta Ray None
A-016 Velez Ray None
A-017 Kaiser Icarus Gold
A-018 Golden Eagle Silver
A-019 Great Horned Owl None
A-020 Andean Condor None
A-021 Peregrine Falcon None
A-022 Great Hornbill None
A-023 Bateleur None
A-024 Polar Bear Bronze
A-025 Giant Panda None
A-026 Asiatic Black Bear None
A-027 Brown Bear None
A-028 Nile Crocodile Bronze
A-029 Indian Gavial None
A-030 Indian Cobra None
A-031 Yellow Anaconda None
A-032 Rattlesnake None
A-033 Coral Snake None
A-034 African Elephant Bronze
A-035 Indian Elephant None
A-036 Indian Rhinoceros Bronze
A-037 White Rhinoceros None
A-038 Asian Giant Hornet Silver
A-039 Large Carpenter Bee None
A-040 European paper wasp None
A-041 Demon Bull Algol Ultra / Special Ver.2 Ver.2
A-042 Schneider Gold
A-043 Percival Bronze
A-044 Maxim None
A-045 Valkyrie None
A-046 Launcelot None
A-047 Raging Rajan None
A-048 Raging Bolt None
A-049 Spotted Hyena None
A-050 Axolotl None
A-051 Vampire Bat Silver
A-052 Grey-headed Flying Fox Bronze
A-053 Japanese Long-eared Bat None
A-054 Reticulated Giraffe None
A-055 Red Kangaroo Gold
A-056 Swamp Wallaby None
A-057 Kazuhachi Bronze
A-059 Lion None S2
A-060 Bald Eagle None
A-062 Demon Mammoth Gigantos Ultra / Special Ver.3
A-063 Masamune Gold
A-064 Shingen Silver
A-065 Suioumaru Bronze
A-066 Kojirou None
A-067 Musahi None
A-068 Hercules Beetle Gold
A-069 Caucasus Beetle Bronze
A-070 Japanese Rhino Beetle None
A-071 American Alligator Silver
A-072 Fire Rajan Bronze
A-073 Thunder Bolt Bronze
A-074 Hippo Larry Silver Ver.4
A-075 Hippo Barry None
A-076 Hippo Harry None Ver.5
A-077 Lord Hippo King Ultra Ver.3
A-078 Red Scorpion Gold
A-079 Dark Scorpion Bronze
A-080 Florida Bark Scorpion None
A-081 Rich Gray Wolf None Ver.4
A-082 Rich African Wild Dog None
A-083 Rich Manta Ray None
A-084 Rich Polar Bear None
A-085 Rich Nile Crocodile None
A-086 Rich Indian Cobra None
A-093 Rich Great White Shark None Ver.3
A-094 Rich Lion None
A-097 Rich Hippo Larry None
A-098 Rich Hippo Barry None
A-099 Rich Hippo Harry None
A-100 Axel None Ver.4
A-101 Demon Tiger Phobos Ultra
A-102 Kaiser Rajan Ultra
A-103 Kaiser Bolt Ultra
A-104 Kaiser Vrede Gold
A-105 Kaiser Jumbo Silver
A-106 Kaiser Hippo Harry None
A-107 Kaiser Rockin' Axolotl None
A-108 Kaiser King Cheetah None
A-109 Electric Ray None
A-110 Lowland Gorilla Bronze
A-111 Orangutan None
A-112 Black Long Spine Urchin Bronze
A-113 Purple Sea Urchin None
A-114 Starburst Tarantula Silver
A-115 Cobalt Blue Tarantula None
A-116 Demon Ape Gunga Gonga Ultra S1
A-117 Kaiser Apollo Ultra
A-118 Mad Mecha Kangaroo Gold
A-119 Mad Mecha Gorilla Silver
A-120 Mad Mecha Eagle Bronze
A-121 Mad Mecha Shark None
A-122 Mad Mecha Lion None
A-123 Axel None
A-124 Red Knee Tarantula Gold
A-125 Kazuhachi' Silver
A-126 Footballfish None
A-127 Japanese Giant Salamander Bronze
A-128 Grey nurse shark Bronze
A-129C Galleon Special
A-130C Scorch Special
A-131C Kaiser Coral Special
A-132C Kaiser Daedalus Special
A-135 Mecha Tiger EX-Z Ultra S2
A-136 Mecha Whale EX-Z Ultra
A-137 Mecha Lion-Elite Ultra
A-138 Mecha Shark-DX Silver
A-139 Mecha Eagle-DX Bronze
A-140 Mecha Gorilla-DX None
A-141 Full Throttle Axel Bronze
A-142 Blue Whale Gold
A-143 Sperm Whale Bronze
A-144 Humpback Whale None
A-145 Procupinefish None
A-146 King Cobra Gold
A-147 Piranha Silver
A-148C Hippo-san Special
A-150 Kaiser Regulus Ultra S3
A-151 Oorlog Ultra
A-152 Notus Silver
A-153 Gaiioth Bronze
A-154 Yokozuna Jr. None
A-155 Schwarz Jr. None
A-156 Mach Axel Silver
A-157 Kaiser Brutus Ultra
A-158 Killer Whale Gold
A-159 Narwhal None
A-160 European Bison Gold
A-161 African Buffalo None
A-162 Black Panther Bronze
A-164C Mammoth Fossil G3 N/A
A-165C Saber-toothed Tiger Fossil
A-166C Archaeopteryx Fossil
A-167C Dunkleosteus Fossil
A-168 Super Express Axel Gold S4
A-169 Dark Warrior Leonardo Ultra
A-170 Ultimate Kazuhachi Ultra
A-171 Jumbo, The Great Ape Ultra
A-172 Sergeant Zyke Silver
A-173 Turtle Sensai Bronze
A-174 Cyclone Lee None
A-175 Alligator Snapping Turtle Gold
A-176 Mata Mata Bronze
A-177 Spiny Turtle None
A-178 Spiny Flower Mantis Silver
A-179 Dead Leaf Mantis Bronze
A-180 Praying Mantis None
A-181C Giant Hippo Larry Special
A-182C Giant Lion Special
A-183C Giant Orangutan Special
A-184C Giant Florida Bark Scorpion Special
A-185C Giant Purple Sea Urchin Special
A-189 Zangetsu Ultra
A-190 Dark Ninja Genyousai Ultra
A-191 Kaiser Axel Ultra
A-192 Konsuke Gold
A-193 Tanumaru Silver
A-194 Sasuke Bronze
A-195 Goemon None
A-196 Hanzou None
A-197 Giraffe Stag Beetle Gold
A-198 Golden Stag Beetle Bronze
A-199 Stag Beetle None
A-200 Longtooth Stag Beetle None
A-201 Holstein Bronze
A-202C2 Mammoth Priest Special
A-203C2 Kaiser Two Horn Special
A-204C2 Mr.Footballfish Special
A-205C2 Kurogane Special
A-206 Mysterious Lion Cub None M1
A-207 Benkei Bronze
A-208 Agira Ultra
A-209 Howzer Ultra
A-210 Joker Ultra
A-211 Shuffle Gold
A-212 Ace Silver
A-213 Spade None
A-214 Straight None
A-215 Dugong Bronze
A-216 Blue Coral Snake Silver
A-217 Luna Lionfish None
A-218 Shishiwaka Bronze M2
A-219 Geromino Ultra
A-220 Tonga Ultra
A-221 God Axel Ultra
A-222 Tyrannosaurus Gold
A-223 Triceratops Silver
A-224 Dimetrodon Bronze
A-225 Gorgosaurus Bronze
A-226 Ichthyosaurus None
A-227 Allosaurus None
A-228C Lion Special
A-229C Red Scorpion Special
A-230C Piranha Special
A-231C European Bison Special
A-232 Spotted Garden Eel Bronze M3
A-233 Gladios Ultra
A-234 Dodolgo Ultra
A-235 Gigir Ultra
A-236 Double Gear Shishiwaka Silver
A-237 Pteranodon Bronze
A-238 Styracosaurus None
A-239 Pachycephalosaurus Silver
A-240 Whale Shark Gold
A-241 Komodo Dragon None
A-244 True Fighter Shishiwaka Ultra M4
A-245 Galatic Emperor The End Ultra
A-246 Admiral Eraser Ultra
A-247 Gen. Crusher Gold
A-248 Col. Butcher Silver
A-249 Maj. Stinger Bronze
A-250 Lt. Blaster None
A-251 Sgt. Striker None
A-252C Schneider Special
A-253C Oorlog Special
A-254C Kaiser Rajan Special B5 N/A
A-255C Kazuhachi' Special
A-258 Kaiser Shishiwaka Ultra
A-259 Sumo Grand Champion Benkei Ultra
A-260 No.00 Ultra
A-261 Dr. Mole Ultra
A-262 Elk Gold
A-263 Electric Eel Silver
A-264 Esper Harada (Older Brother) Gold Rare
A-265 Esper Harada (Younger Brother) None
A-266 Killer K None
A-267 Sunfish None
A-268 Thylacine None
A-269 Shishiwaka the Bigger Ultra
A-270 Hippo Chiyo Ultra
A-271 Laligo Thirteen Ultra
A-272 Laido Ichi Ultra
A-273 Slyves Taro Gold
A-274 Upayama Bronze
A-275 Tatchi None
A-276 Michie None
A-277 White Tiger Gold
A-278 Bottlenose Dolphin Silver
A-279 Capybara None
A-280 Ultimate Shishiwaka Ultra B7
A-281 Jangorumoa Ultra
A-282 Plant Hippo Chiyo Ultra
A-283 Plant Demon Bull Algol Ultra
A-284 Plant Benkei Gold
A-285 Plant Mecha Whale-EXZ
A-286 Plant Dark Warrior Leonardo Silver
A-288 Plant Joker None
A-289 Plant Gadios None
A-290 Plant Maj. Stinger None
A-291 Plant Dr. Mole None
A-292 Plant Lowland Gorilla None
A-293 Plant African Elephant None
A-294 Plant Triceratops None
A-295 Plant Alligator Snapping Turtle None
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